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Total trust! This firm and its owner, Mr. Vermont, are totally trustworthy and completely qualified when it comes to plumbing work. Mr. Vermont is a man of rare character and integrity. You can rely first class work and a very reasonable price.
- Maria

I am the owner of a summer home in Denver Colorado. On many occasions I called this company to fix my sprinkler system and
spigot, I have to point out that these plumbers have done a superb job at all times. I am exceptionally pleased with their service and would highly recommend them, They are not only very professional, but very pleasant workmen.
- Jean

This is an impressive business. Every time I require a job done in plumbing and drain cleaning I contact them. The people are very efficient and very friendly. Errol Vermont is takes pride in doing a job well done every time. Overall great company.
- Steven

This is a great company, the service and people are great they're fast, efficient, and get the job done ASAP. When it comes to these guys the customer is consistently first. I give them 2 thumbs up, no 5 thumbs up
- Jahleel

Great job! This is the second time that we have used this plumber and are extremely happy with the service that was delivered.  Errol is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They will most definitely be our first choice for any plumbing needs that we have. We would definitely recommend him to all of our family and friends. Thanks for the great service that you supply!
- Kimberly?

Great job. I phoned because we had water all over our basement, it was apparent that our main line was clogged. I called Earl at 7am he was there by 8am just like he said he would be. By 8:30 my main sewer line was clean and clear.
- Vic

They came the very same day as our call, were proficient, affordable and had a good sense of humor. We will certainly use them again in the future. Thanks!!
- Caryn

Excellent service. I've been trying all summer to get someone to repair our sprinkler system. I admit it's later in the season now, but he came w/in 1 hour to our house (on a Saturday). Examined the entire system and repaired our thankfully small problem before departing.
- Cam

Great job! This is the second time that we have utilized these plumbers and are extremely happy with the service that was
provided. They are there to assist you and their prices are very reasonable. The technicians are always very professional and very polite. They will definitely be our first choice for any plumbing needs that we have. We would definitely recommend him to all of our family and friends. Thanks for the great service that you provide!
- Richard



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For safety purposes, keep the temperature dial setting at or below the recommended factory setting specified on the water heater or in the guidebook. Over that setting will considerably raise the potential for scalding.

Every water heaters are mandated by law to be furnished with a temperature and pressure relief valve (t & p valve) as a safety function to stop damage from excessive pressure ( 150 psi) or temperature  (210 F). If the t & p valve is releasing water you should call your plumber at once.

Flushing your water heater is something that ought to be done on a regular basis. The procedure is as follows:

o Hook a garden hose up to the bottom drain valve. Place the garden hose in a position to allow total discharge of the water through the hose (into a floor drain, bath tub or street). NOTE: THIS WATER WILL BE BLISTERING AND IS A SCALD HAZARD! THE TEMPERATURE CAN KILL PLANTS.


o Run the water out of the hose until the water runs clear (normally just a few seconds).

o Once the water is clear, turn off the bottom drain valve and remove the garden hose.

How many years might my water heater last?

The answer is not straightforward. While the ordinary life expectancy of a water heater is around 12 years, various things can influence the life of a water heater.

* Water softeners are utilized to lessen hardness in water, they can shorten the life a water heater by consuming the anode rod rapidly (normally within one year). When the anode rod is consumed there is no protection in the water heater to stop the water from dissolving the seam joints. Whenever a water softener is put in the water softener ought to be bypassed annually to allow some lime to accumulation to preserve the heater and decrease the anode rod consumption

* Thermal expansion can create quite high pressures and commonly manifest itself by premature failure of the water tank or leaking t & p relief valves. Thermal expansion is ordinarily only an issue on a closed plumbing system.

* Under sizing of a water heater makes it to be "on" much more often than an appropriately sized water heater. This could cause parts to deteriorate much faster than expected.

* Mineral deposits and buildup are corrosive and act as an insulator between the heat source (burner or elements) and the water, leading to the water heater to work harder to sustain the temperature.

* Missing anode rod because of water quality or removal of anode rod.

If you have a question or worry about any of these issues regarding your water heater, you should call your plumber.

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