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Total trust! This firm and its owner, Mr. Vermont, are totally trustworthy and completely qualified when it comes to plumbing work. Mr. Vermont is a man of rare character and integrity. You can rely first class work and a very reasonable price.
- Maria

I am the owner of a summer home in Denver Colorado. On many occasions I called this company to fix my sprinkler system and
spigot, I have to point out that these plumbers have done a superb job at all times. I am exceptionally pleased with their service and would highly recommend them, They are not only very professional, but very pleasant workmen.
- Jean

This is an impressive business. Every time I require a job done in plumbing and drain cleaning I contact them. The people are very efficient and very friendly. Errol Vermont is takes pride in doing a job well done every time. Overall great company.
- Steven

This is a great company, the service and people are great they're fast, efficient, and get the job done ASAP. When it comes to these guys the customer is consistently first. I give them 2 thumbs up, no 5 thumbs up
- Jahleel

Great job! This is the second time that we have used this plumber and are extremely happy with the service that was delivered.  Errol is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They will most definitely be our first choice for any plumbing needs that we have. We would definitely recommend him to all of our family and friends. Thanks for the great service that you supply!
- Kimberly?

Great job. I phoned because we had water all over our basement, it was apparent that our main line was clogged. I called Earl at 7am he was there by 8am just like he said he would be. By 8:30 my main sewer line was clean and clear.
- Vic

They came the very same day as our call, were proficient, affordable and had a good sense of humor. We will certainly use them again in the future. Thanks!!
- Caryn

Excellent service. I've been trying all summer to get someone to repair our sprinkler system. I admit it's later in the season now, but he came w/in 1 hour to our house (on a Saturday). Examined the entire system and repaired our thankfully small problem before departing.
- Cam

Great job! This is the second time that we have utilized these plumbers and are extremely happy with the service that was
provided. They are there to assist you and their prices are very reasonable. The technicians are always very professional and very polite. They will definitely be our first choice for any plumbing needs that we have. We would definitely recommend him to all of our family and friends. Thanks for the great service that you provide!
- Richard



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Tips on How to Hire a Plumber For Emergency Repairs

When a pipe breaks or another piece of plumbing breakdowns, our first impulse is to get the problem controlled as soon as practical. The longer these kinds of a problem continues, the harder it will be to fix. Not only will the matter be harder to correct, if left unaddressed, the issue can produce hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage. As time is of the essence at the time of a plumbing emergency, we feel pressured to make a repair decision as rapidly as possible, without granting ourselves time to consider our choices fully.

The reality is you actually do have time to make an informed judgment about the most efficient way to handle your plumbing situation. There are various basic, but helpful preventive actions that you can take to protect yourself and your residence against damage and loss. Knowing what to carry out and what to watch out for are key to obtaining the kind of service you'd want from a repair professional.

The first and probably foremost step that you can take to minimize damage is to turn off the water supply at the origin of the trouble. If your problem is a broken pipe spewing water, you can turn off the water supply to the property utilizing the shut off valve. This valve is most likely positioned somewhere in your yard, underneath a rectangular shaped cap that also holds your water meter. If you have a more localized issue, such as a toilet or water heater that is leaking, you can shut off the water supply to those independently. A toilet shut off valve is commonly an oval shaped handgrip, positioned close to the base of the toilet. A water heater's shut off valve is located next to the water pipes.

Just after you've shut off water to the issue, locating a dependable plumber is the subsequent step. You may like to make a quick call to a couple of friends or relatives to see if they might recommend anybody to you.

Once you have a few names, give them a call and get quotes on the repair in question. It's a great plan to ask about warranties on their work as well as satisfaction guarantees. If you have enough time, it is also advisable to check out any specialists you might hire by using the Better Business Bureau.

Understand that most plumbers charge a substantial fee for working after hours and on holidays. Several charge mileage and additional premiums in addition to their usual fee. Asking about all this before you start can help eliminate expensive surprises when the bill comes.

Naturally, in an ideal world, you'll already have the names of a couple of trusted repair contractors that you can get in touch with before an emergency materializes. A little foresight can go a long way in these things. After all, it's your home and you don't want to trust it to just anyone – this is especially true when botched fixes can cost a lot of cash and lead to a lot of heartache down the road.

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