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Total trust! This firm and its owner, Mr. Vermont, are totally trustworthy and completely qualified when it comes to plumbing work. Mr. Vermont is a man of rare character and integrity. You can rely first class work and a very reasonable price.
- Maria

I am the owner of a summer home in Denver Colorado. On many occasions I called this company to fix my sprinkler system and
spigot, I have to point out that these plumbers have done a superb job at all times. I am exceptionally pleased with their service and would highly recommend them, They are not only very professional, but very pleasant workmen.
- Jean

This is an impressive business. Every time I require a job done in plumbing and drain cleaning I contact them. The people are very efficient and very friendly. Errol Vermont is takes pride in doing a job well done every time. Overall great company.
- Steven

This is a great company, the service and people are great they're fast, efficient, and get the job done ASAP. When it comes to these guys the customer is consistently first. I give them 2 thumbs up, no 5 thumbs up
- Jahleel

Great job! This is the second time that we have used this plumber and are extremely happy with the service that was delivered.  Errol is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They will most definitely be our first choice for any plumbing needs that we have. We would definitely recommend him to all of our family and friends. Thanks for the great service that you supply!
- Kimberly?

Great job. I phoned because we had water all over our basement, it was apparent that our main line was clogged. I called Earl at 7am he was there by 8am just like he said he would be. By 8:30 my main sewer line was clean and clear.
- Vic

They came the very same day as our call, were proficient, affordable and had a good sense of humor. We will certainly use them again in the future. Thanks!!
- Caryn

Excellent service. I've been trying all summer to get someone to repair our sprinkler system. I admit it's later in the season now, but he came w/in 1 hour to our house (on a Saturday). Examined the entire system and repaired our thankfully small problem before departing.
- Cam

Great job! This is the second time that we have utilized these plumbers and are extremely happy with the service that was
provided. They are there to assist you and their prices are very reasonable. The technicians are always very professional and very polite. They will definitely be our first choice for any plumbing needs that we have. We would definitely recommend him to all of our family and friends. Thanks for the great service that you provide!
- Richard



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The Dangers of Neglecting Plumbing Repair Work

The Dangers of Neglecting Plumbing Repair Work

Plumbing troubles in a home or business frequently begin small. Quite a few of us might experience them, cross our fingers, and pray that they do not grow. In all reality, however, they do and will probably advance into more substantial problems that can significantly influence a household or business. Eventhough some of the most adventuresome fan of DIY (do-it-yourself) may possibly strive to carry out plumbing repair work, in reality, nine times out of ten it is better to take care of a plumbing difficulty swiftly and professionally before it worsens into a considerably larger matter.

It will cost you a lot more over time — Plumbing complications are never self-contained. They expand, worsen, and in due course lead to significant problems in a household if left unattended. The funds you save from postponing a plumbing repair will at least double in

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Tips on How to Hire a Plumber For Emergency Repairs

Tips on How to Hire a Plumber For Emergency Repairs

When a pipe breaks or another piece of plumbing breakdowns, our first impulse is to get the problem controlled as soon as practical. The longer these kinds of a problem continues, the harder it will be to fix. Not only will the matter be harder to correct, if left unaddressed, the issue can produce hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage. As time is of the essence at the time of a plumbing emergency, we feel pressured to make a repair decision as rapidly as possible, without granting ourselves time to consider our choices fully.

The reality is you actually do have time to make an informed judgment about the most efficient way to handle your plumbing situation. There are various basic, but helpful preventive actions that you can take to protect yourself and your residence against damage and

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Emergency Plumbing Situations

Emergency Plumbing Situations

The scenario of getting back from vacation or some other out of town trip to find a bathroom swamped towers above us every time we leave our home for a notable amount of time. Why? For the reason that it occurs. You hope it does not happen to you but you know of someone else who it has happened to. How might you address that scenario? Every second of delay escalates the amount of damage and makes everything more painful. What do you do? Not to many of us have experience with plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance. Knowing the best ways to handle a plumbing problem can save you dollars, time, and damage. Well, here are some tips to help lessen, alleviate, or end the plumbing problem.

– Turn off the Water Supply

Just like knowing about where your electrical panel is found, it is

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Water Heater Information and Guidelines

For safety purposes, keep the temperature dial setting at or below the recommended factory setting specified on the water heater or in the guidebook. Over that setting will considerably raise the potential for scalding.

Every water heaters are mandated by law to be furnished with a temperature and pressure relief valve (t & p valve) as a safety function to stop damage from excessive pressure ( 150 psi) or temperature  (210 F). If the t & p valve is releasing water you should call your plumber at once.

Flushing your water heater is something that ought to be done on a regular basis. The procedure is as follows:

o Hook a garden hose up to the bottom drain valve. Place the garden hose in a position to allow total discharge of the water through the hose (into a floor drain, bath tub or street). NOTE: THIS WATER WILL

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Garbage Disposals – Do’s, Don’ts, & Tips and Tricks

Garbage Disposals – Do’s, Don’ts, & Tips and Tricks


* Do run a strong stream of tap water whilst grinding.

* Do run tap water for no less than thirty seconds right after shutting off the garbage disposal.

* Do turn on the garbage disposal every single time trash is added.

* Do use small amounts, getting rid of big quantities, in particular starchy produce (for example. potato peelings, rice, pasta, etcetera. )#).

* Do chop fibrous food products into little chunks before grinding (for example. cabbage, asparagus, banana peelings, etcetera. )#).

* Do turn on garbage disposal with ice and citrus peelings to clean up and deodorise as required.


* Don't grind bone fragments, shells, or extremely fibrous items (for example. artichokes, corn cobs or corn husks)

* Don't cram with large

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Low Water Pressure

What to do about low water pressure?

In many cases what is seen as low water pressure in reality is low water volume. And understanding the difference is crucial.

For the most part, water pressure will be constant through out the plumbing system. Water pressure is not usually low, and shouldn't be an early conclusion of what has gone wrong. While low water volume is more likely, water pressure can be established without to much trouble.

A simple gauge can be acquired at your local hardware store. It is employed by screwing in onto a hose bib. Average pressure really should be between 55 and 75 psi.

Unlike water pressure, low water volume can be localised to only one plumbing element, OR it might apply through out the plumbing structure.

If, perhaps both hot and cold water share the faucet, and are effected by low

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How to properly use a Toilet Plunger

How to properly use a Toilet Plunger

Each and every house needs a good toilet plunger. And I high light good because there are very low priced plungers for $4 – $5 which are most certainly pointless. A good plunger will cost around $10 and $20 dollars and these in most cases do a good job of freeing toilet blockages.

On a very low priced plunger, the rubber on the flange may be very flimsy and have a tendency to roll over when working the plunger. When this happens it splashes unwelcome water onto the floor and maybe on the person working the plunger. Not much fun!

On a good plunger, the rubber flange is a great deal more heavy-duty, and the prospects of creating an unwanted mess are reduced. As well take care to use a plunger with a funnel-cup. This is a rounded piece on the bottom

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